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  1. fozzy-enemy - YouTube

    If you haven’t checked this band out you are missing out

  2. Even Picard doesn’t understand 
#royalrumble #whynogoatface #yesmovement

    Even Picard doesn’t understand
    #royalrumble #whynogoatface #yesmovement

  3. Rest in Peace Jeff Hanneman the music world has lost a true giant

  4. Groovy


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  5. Reblog if you love Metal music


    You bet your ass i do

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  6. Something new

    ok going to try something new here it’s something i’ve been working on for quite some time not sure if it’ll be any good but i’ll put it up soon feed back would be great.

  7. Checking In

    Holy frankenfuck it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted well ANYTHING that’s largely due to fact of not being able to have much in the way of time, BUT there will be some fresh new blogs straight from my brain to your screen very soon

  8. Seriously?

    So the most controversial topic in Australia right now is “Should gays be allowed to marry?” Seriously? One would have thought the way the country views the current government would be a more pressing issue because of how fucked up it is.

    So here’s my answer should gays be allowed to get married? Of course they should it’s pretty messed up how one set of rules apply for one group but don’t apply to another, that people is discriminatory bullshit.

    Ok let me set the record straight here I am a straight male who is married to a wonderful woman who at times can drive me bat shit crazy but that’s life there are good days and bad days. I do also have a couple of gay friends and gay relatives  but they are still people and deserve the exact same rights as everyone else, everyone talks about getting a fair go well same-sex couples aren’t getting that why? let me explain.

    For a start the catholic church is full of crap. They believe that sanctity of marriage is between a man and a woman only as it is pure and the building blocks of a family. BULLSHIT I will point out I am an Atheist so don’t give me the whole “God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve” thing you can take that and shove it right up your ass you ignorant bastard. All that should matter is that if two people love each other and want to spend the rest of their lives together  that should be all that matters it shouldn’t matter if you’re gay, straight on an alien from another planet EVERYONE should be able to have equality.

    2. The government is stuck in the past where everything was passed by yes you guessed it the holy church and coincide with the bible now these idiots do realize the bible is just a book right? It’s not divine truth it’s a book written by MAN not god during what can be looked at as a dark period in man kinds history, I have probably offended some people here but I don’t care this is nothing but my thoughts and opinions. Basically for same sex couples to get the same rights as everyone else the government needs to wake up and treat everyone and I mean everyone as equals judgement should not be made on a persons sexual preference.

    That’s all I have to say on this and I’ll say it again should same sex couples be allowed to get married YES absolutely  and if you’re not down with that I got 2 words for ya.

  9. Just a quick rant

    I came on to this site for a number of reasons 1. To write up reviews of different movies, games, albums because i enjoy it. 2. To promote underground radio more to open it up to a wider audience (is that happening?). And lastly to interact with new and interesting people sure probably the main picture i use probably sends fear into the soul of most people and maybe even satan himself would be scared but to be honest i’m one of the most laid back bastards anyone would ever meet. So that being said if there are things you followers (and followee’s?) want to say or ask do it even if it’s to say my blog sucks.

  10. Album Review: Soulfly Enslaved

    In1998 artists like Korn, Rammstein and Marilyn Manson were considered to be the heaviest bands around at that time but all that was about to change forever. Bursting onto the scene in late 1998 came not only an album but also a band of pure intensity and aggression that has still yet to be out weighed by any other band or artist that has come since, the name of that band is Soulfly.

    Fast Forward 15 years and several albums later Soulfly are still at the panicle of what can only be labeled as ruthless brutality, which shines through on the bands 8th album Enslaved. Formed in 1997 by former Sepultura front man Max Cavalera Soulfly took what was thought to be the limit of heavy music and took it too a whole new level.

    Enslaved was released on March 13 2012 and is the follow up to 2010’s masterpiece “Omen” in true Soulfly fashion there are some notable guest appearances including  Travis Ryan from Cattle Decapitation who features on the albums first single “World Scum” and Dez Fafara from  DevilDriver  and Coal Chamber who appears on the track “Redemption of man by god”. Enslaved is the first Soulfly album to feature  former Borknager drummer David Kinkade and former Static X bassist Tony Campos.

    The stand out tracks on Enslaved include the lead single “World Scum” which was released on January 25th and was made available for free download for 48 hours from the bands website, Legions, American Steel, Redemption of man by god,  Treachery and Revengeance  which Max co wrote and performed with his three sons Richie, Zyon and Igor.

    Without doubt, “Enslaved” is perhaps the most powerful Soulfly album to date and easily one of their best since 200’s Primitive and proving without a shadow of a doubt that Soulfly is and will be an unstoppable force in the world of music and they’re legacy is cemented forever.

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